STH 650

Minimum honing range 50 mm
Maximum honing range 350 mm
Maximum honing stroke 650 mm
Minimum distance between spindle and table 650 mm
Maximum distance between spindle and table 1300 mm
Distance from spindle center to column 425 mm
Spindle rotation speed 0/150 rpm
Spindle alternative movement speed 0/16 mm/1ʹ
Table dimensions 500x1000 mm
Work head motion system: Linear slide (Hidrolik sistem ile)
Automatic work piece clamping system (Hidrolik sistem ile)
Automatic passing system (Hidrolik sistem ile)
Hydraulic motor power 5,5 kw
Spindle rotation motor power 2,2 kw
Stroke motor power 0,75 kw
Coolant unit motor power 0,09 kw