STH 400

STH 400 Automatic Hydraulic Honing Machine: Is designed for honing the engine block linings and similar cylinder at the requested precision and specifications. The work-head body and its slides are made of high quality cast-iron resistant to vibration. All functions of the machine can be achieved from one control panel which is fixed to the body with a hook in order to provide a usage from various angles and digital indicators, pressure gauge, digital rotation adjustment, hydraulic moving precision adjustment can be done from this control panel. The lower table which can be moved freely facilitates the centering or the engine block and minimizes the time wasted on this process. The adjusment of the turn rotation and moving speed of the honing head independently from each other and non-conditioned provides the spiral angles formed on the bored surface to get the requested value. Moreover, the honing head’s having the magnetic braking system at any place and rotation avoids the damage of the spiral angles.

Minimum honing range 40 mm
Maximum honing range 250 mm
Maximum work piece height 700 mm
Maximum honing stroke 400 mm
Minimum distance between spindle and table 370 mm
Maximum distance between spindle and table 1140 mm
Distance from spindle center to column 450 mm
Spindle rotation speed 0/250 rpm
Spindle alternative movement speed 0/16 mm/1ʹ
Maximum longitudinal travel of table 1300 mm
Table dimensions 600x1650 mm
Hydraulic motor power 1,5 kw
Spindle rotation motor power 2,2 kw
Stroke motor power 1,1 kw
Coolant unit motor power 0,09 kw
STD 305 Honing head (65x215 mm) 1
STD 306 Pair of parallel supports 2
STD 307 Parallel supports clamping plate 4
STD 308 Rapid clamping fixtures 2
STD 309 Operating manual 1
SR 0145 Honing head 38x68 mm
SR 0146 Setting-up fixture with automatic centering for cylinder liners clamping 60/150 mm
SR 0147 Universal setting up fixture for “V” blocks (Single spindle)


Length 1800 mm
Height 2060 mm
Width 1500 mm
Length 1950 mm
Height 2200 mm
Width 1650 mm
Without packing 1300 kg
With packing 1400 kg