STŞ 600

STŞ 600 Connecting Rods Boring Machine: Has been designed for processing the bushes and bearings of the connecting rods mechanically exact and smoothly at any diameters. The work head body, lower table and rod connecting column are made of high quality stabilized cast-iron. Expanding arbor apparatus and boring bar spindles are made of alloyed steel and hardened by a thermal process, then ground. Table moving can be made both automatically and manually. It can be automatically stopped at any place during the forward feed. During the backward feed, an automatic stop system at the maximum limit is available. The rod connecting column is placed on the two slides upright to each other; and a convenience is use provided in centering the connecting rods and control process. During the process, a varying rotation and feed speed can be selected in accordance with the rod diameter. Besides, the value of the working rotation can be seen digitally. Bar rod can be bound to the workhead in morse very quickly and a safe working condition is provided by drugging the morse conic. STŞ 600

Minimum conrod center distance 85 mm
Maximum conrod center distance 600 mm
Minimum boring diameter 15 mm
Maximum boring diameter 150 mm
Distance between spindle and table 185 mm
Spindle rotation Speeds (Digital display) 0÷1300 rpm
Automatic table feed speeds 0.06÷0.12 rpm/rev
Maximum conrod carriage travel 300 mm
Maximum traverse travel of table 25 mm
Motor power 1,5 kw
STD 315 Centering device 1
STD 316 Tool setting arm 1
STD 317 Tool setting device with dial gauge 1
STD 318 Tool setting device for small diameters 1
STD 319 Boring spindle range (14-29 mm) 1
STD 320 Boring spindle range (38 mm) 1
STD 321 Boring spindle range (59 mm) 1
STD 322 Cutting tools 9
STD 323 Expanding arbor capacity (17mm-30mm) 1
STD 324 Expanding arbor capacity (30mm-60mm) 1
STD 325 Expanding arbor capacity (40mm-90mm) 1
STD 326 Expanding arbor capacity (48mm-100mm) 1
STD 327 Expanding arbor capacity (55mm-115mm) 1
STD 328 Clamping pins 13
STD 329 Lubricating pump 1
STD 330 Operating manual 1
CODE Operating manual
SR 0151 Set of centering rough cones 1 set
SR 0152 Con-Rod alignment checking fixture 1
SR 0153 Tool setting device complete with micrometer 1
Length 1330 mm
Height 1870 mm
Width 790 mm
Length 1500 mm
Height 2040 mm
Width 930 mm
Without packing 620 kg
With packing 660 kg