STH 1200 S

Table size 406x1020 mm
Table longitudinal movement 1200 mm
Table transverse movement 450 mm
Maximum distance from spindle center to magnetic table 750 mm
Magnetic table size 400x1000 mm
Speed of longitudinal movement 7~23 m/min
Automatic transverse advance of the table 0,1 ~ 8 mm
Transverse rapid advance of the table 990 mm/min
The transverse advance of the table with the hand wheel (Between two scales) 0,005 mm/div
The vertical rapid movement of the wheel head 500 mm/min
The vertical advance of the wheel head with the hand wheel (Between two scales) 0,005 mm/div
Wheel head vertical automatic movement 0,005/0,01/0,02/0,03/0,04/0,05 mm
Grinding wheel speed 2000 rpm
Grinding wheel size 350x40x127 mm
Spindle motor power 5,5 kw
Hydraulic motor power 2,2 kw
Cooling pump motor power 0,09 kw
Magnetic separator motor power 0,18 kw
Wheel head rapid movement motor power 1 kw Servo Motor
Transverse advance motor power 0,75 kw Servo Motor
Work weight that can be attached to the magnetic table 600 kg
STD 280 Electromagnetic table (400x1000 mm) 1
STD 281 Grinding wheel (350x40x127 mm) 1
STD 282 Grinding wheel flange 1
STD 283 Static balancing stand for grinding wheel 1
STD 284 Grinding wheel balancing shaft 1
STD 285 Grinding wheel dresser (with diamond) 1
STD 286 Grinding flange extractor 1
STD 287 Parallel support 100x500 mm (For cylinder head) 2
STD 288 Balancing nuts and rubbers 10
STD 564 Cylinder head clamping plate 4
STD 289 Spot light 1
STD 290 Full splash guard 1 set
STD 291 Hydraulic system 1 set
STD 292 Coolant system 1 set
STD 293 Service tool kit 1 set
STD 294 Operating manuel 1
Length 3600 mm
Height 2200 mm
Width 2400 mm
Length 3860 mm
Height 2300 mm
Width 2450 mm
Without packing 3300 kg
With packing 3600 kg