STH 1000

STH 1100 Surface Grinding and Milling Machine: Is designed for grinding the engine blocks, cylinder heads and similar surfaces at the requested precision and specifications. Table, main body and workhead parts are made of wear-resistant qualified cast-iron. The feed process is realized with the manuel movement of the grinding and milling head up and down. The electromagnetic clutch system in the passing system of the machine provides a precision passing opportunity. The table which is mounted on the “V” slides has a feature to be adjusted at the requested speed by moving to the right and left with a hydraulic system. Thus,the requested grinding and milling surface is provided. The movement and process of the machine are achieved through control panel so as to provide a quick and easy work. Besides, the automatically adjust of the head turn number through the inverter system provides a quick and easy use.

Maximum table stroke 1100 mm
Table surface 920x310 mm
Surface to be ground 1170x400 mm
Minimum distance from wheel to table 0 mm
Maximum distance from wheel to table 600 mm
Segmental wheel diameter 360 mm
Distance between column and wheel center 350 mm
Table traverse speed variable 0/5700 mm/1ʹ
Wheel rotation speeds variable 150/1400 rpm
Wheel head motor power 4 kw
Wheel head rapid speed motor power 0,55 kw
Hydraulic unit motor power 1,1 kw
Coolant unit motor power 0,09 kw
STD 230 Tool holder complete with tool 1
STD 231 Pair of parallel supports 2
STD 232 Clamping plate 4
STD 233 Grinding wheel (100x65x58x25 mm) 10
STD 234 Segmental wheel Ø 360 mm 1
STD 235 Grinding wheel dresser 1
STD 236 Grinding wheel extractor 1
STD 237 Grinding wheel balancing shaft 1
STD 238 Automatic device for machine stop after cutting 1
STD 239 Surface straightness checking device 1
STD 240 Universal setting up fixture for “V” blocks (Single spindle) 1
STD 241 Coolant system 1
STD 242 Operating manual 1
SR 0116 Universal setting-up fixture for “V” blocks complete with 30°-45° reference square

SR 0117 Motor drive rotation table (Ø 320 mm)

SR 0118 Universal clamping support for “V” heads

SR 0119 Static balancing stand for grinding wheel

Length 2220 mm
Height 1920 mm
Width 1520 mm
Length 2320 mm
Height 2020 mm
Width 1640 mm
Without packing 2400 kg
With packing 2700 kg